Welcome to Merry Go Round, YveYANG Gallery’s inaugural exhibition. We invite you to join us on an interactive artistic ride around the gallery space, experiencing for yourself the whimsy and innovation conjured by the visions of our featured artists. In different ways, each work invites you into a unique, immersive aesthetic experience that tantalizes the senses and sparks the imagination. Representing a diverse range of mediums, from installation to video and many styles in between, the art will take you on a ride that vitalizes the artists’ visions of their worlds while inviting you to reflect on personal perspectives.

Merry Go Round features works from young, up-and-coming artists from six different countries. Assembled together, their works represent a metaphorical merry-go-round by creating a cohesive, immersive exhibition experience in which the audience can revel. Their works are contemplative experiments that grapple with illusion, humor, play, memory, and identity, representing keen insights on how to translate their experiences of the world into artistic form. As you walk around the gallery, we hope you will lose yourself on a carousel ride of artistic visions, finding that they reveal not only new ways of looking at the world, but bring new perspectives to personal memories.

Bianca Boragi, Li Ming, Zoe Walsh, Bjorn Sparrman, Furen Dai, Max Avi Kaplan, Meghan Caveney, Stefanos Metaxas, Safarani Sisters, Tammy Logan, Young Joo Lee

Opening (with Performance)