YY OS stands for YveYANG Operating System. An OS is a system software that runs on a computer and serves as an intermediary between the hardware and the programs. Likewise, YY OS acts as a bridge between artists and audiences, and the program will be updated periodically as we advance.

In this very first group exhibition at 12 Wooster St, works from 14 artists are presented under the golden ceiling – an ornamental feature that traces back to the building’s old days, which literally translates to a gold canopy hanging above all the works. The show features artists Chando Ao, Stewart Bird, Canyon Castator, Chen Dongfan, Tim Enthoven, Noah Feehan, Nate Flagg, Sam Ghantous, Isaac Soh Fujita Howell, Breeze Li, David OReilly, Bjorn Sparrman, Wang Ye, and Frank Wang Yefeng.


Chando Ao
Stewart Bird
Canyon Castator
Chen Dongfan
Tim Enthoven
Noah Feehan
Nate Flagg
Sam Ghantous
Isaac Soh Fujita Howell
Breeze Li
David OReilly
Bjorn Sparrman
Wang Ye
Frank Wang Yefeng

Opening: Dec 9, 5-8 pm.